CHERRY WOODER ICE: Who knew nostalgia could be so sustainable?? Made with cherry puree from those less-than-peak-of-freshness cherries, locally foraged cherry blossoms, and ground cherry pits for an exfoliating pumice like scrub, these babies with have you pining for the summertime streets of South Philly like you would't believe. Grab your hoagie, post up on your stoop, and chow down...we'll help ya scrub up afterwards.

BLOOD ORANGE BOURBON: Sure you probably weren't out digging trenches, saving babies from burning buildings, or turning on the sultry charms to seduce the enemy into spilling government secrets to save the free word, but gosh dang it, you work hard too! This combo evokes the best old fashioned there ever was, warm, sweet, relaxing, and oh so satisfying. Lean back in that overstuffed arm chair of yours and take a, uh, we mean SNIFF, to be transported away from all those first world problems of yours. Made with spent grains from a few of your favorite whiskies, juicy, vitamin rich blood orange peels, and skin soothing corn silk.

LEMON GINGER OATMEAL: Pucker up, buttercup, this one here's as if he angels themselves baked you a special heavenly hybrid of lemon meringue and oatmeal pies, then set it on the windowsill to cool in the crisp early morning summer meadow breeze. Okay, maybe it's not THAT good, but it's awfully close! Made with lemons peels we collect from local lemonade & water ice makers, it hits the sweet spot with more Vitamin C, anti aging and anti inflammatory goodies than you can count, ginger peels, and shelf expired oats (not salable for consumption but great for skin!), while the tallow base keeps your skin as soft as Nana's meringue!

MATCHA MINT ROSE: This is not your Grandma's rose bush! Antioxidants, chlorophyll, and vitamins galore make matcha a no brainer for not just sipping in a latte, but for slathering on your skin as well. Paired with spearmint essential oil with its enlivening respiratory qualities and ability to stimulate mental activity, this makes a fantastic choice for an AM scrub down before a busy day on the trading floor. Dried roses petals are not only pretty, but add a host of skin love with a healthy dose of Vitamin C, and have been generously donated to us by local event planners post events, while rose geranium and a touch of rose absolute make for a luxe and fresh bar that even those that don't normally like rose will be begging for by the dozen!

 ROSEMARY CHAMOMILE: Did you know that back before the industrialization of skin and body care products potatoes were often used to sooth skin irritations and troubles much like we still use oats today? Kids got poison ivy? Boil up a pot of potatoes for dinner, and soak the wee one in the left over starchy water once the spuds are done (and the water had cooled to a reasonable temperature, of course!). Potatoes still offer a wealth of benefits to our skin, and we are fortunate to have a friend in Stargazy, a local British Pie & Mash shop that doesn't mind piling up the peels for us to use! Blended with rosemary and chamomile that we source from local farm like Tooth of the Lion for an uplifting and de-stressing mash up that will have you peeling your clothes off!

LAVENDER MARSHMALLOW: No, it's not the launch of the latest twist on the new to die for Grande Triple Flat White Mocha at your on-every-corner coffee behemoth (but seriously, do they even sell actual, basic coffee anymore?!), but it IS the newest piece of relaxing luxury your pavement pounding, ladder climbing, hustling hottness has been searching for! Lavender essential oils blend harmoniously with marshmallow leaf and root (I know what you're thinking...marshmallows? What kind of sweet tooth sorcery is this?! Fret not, these don't contain those Jet-Puff monstrosities you remember from your last camping trip, but the leaves and roots from the marshmallow plant, a demulcent herb, which is a great emollient...i.e. cooling, soothing, and slippery!) for an ultra calming scent that, helps hydrate your skin while improving its ability to retain moisture, scrubbing away and and all impurities (*cough* like that cloud of car exhaust you were enveloped in on this mornings commute) out.   *Sigh*, sometimes it's good to be a basic B.

PRICKLY PEAR & HIBISCUS: When most folks think of cactus they think of the vast and dry deserts of the American southwest, but did you know that there is one hardy outlier that has the largest range of any cactus on the continent, and it that it can grow right here in Philadelphia?! The Prickly Pear cactus is a beast, both in it's ability to grow in such vastly different terrains and climates, AND for the plethora of powerful skin healing and soothing abilities it has in its juicy little fruits (it tastes incredible in a margarita as well, BTW). Add to this the fresh and bold hibiscus by way of previously steeped tea leaves, and you have a pink powerhouse that cannot be stopped! Scented with tea tree, lime, and coriander essential oils, this brand new scent will have your skin glowing and smelling like the sun worshipping desert creature you are...but without the dry and scaly skin!

Campfire: One of the most invigorating and elevating smells is that of a campfire, and that is exactly what we’ve tried to capture in this smokey delight. Birch tar and fir needle essential oils harbor antiseptic and disinfectant properties in addition to their earthy, woodland scents, and it’s purported that activated charcoal has beneficial purifying qualities all on its own. Add to this Kaiwe and Red Alder smoked sea salts, along with birch tar & white oak chips from our pals at Amaysing Wood for exfoliation, and you have something special that evokes the quintessential, rugged, campfire scent...all while showering in your sparkly and modern loft bathroom. Locally foraged fir needles help us feel better about our fall chores of raking the lawn, and tallow keeps you more moisturized than any cow-poke that ever tended to a fire.