fat marshmallow FAT PACK!

fat marshmallow FAT PACK!

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Want it all?? 

Scoop your very own fat marshmallow fat pack for $65 and receive:

1 fat marshmallow lip balm tin
1 fat marshmallow 4 oz bar soap
1 fat marshmallow whipped tallow skin fluff
1 fat marshmallow shampoo/shave bar OR soap on a rope!
1 glass dipping spoon* made from upcycled glass by Remark Glass (to make reaching the bottom of your jar of fluff a breeze!)

Thats a savings of $15.00!

*Dipper Spoon Note-In the past these have been made with clear glass, but we are (for now) getting them a beautiful aqua hue. Stay moist(urized), mis amigos 🐮💋

fat marshmallow is the ultimate gentle & moisturizing skincare line! Biocompatable grass fed tallow, infused with real vanilla bean and marshmallow root, with a touch of honey and arrow root- thats it! Its a treat your skin won't forget and your mouth may be a little jealous of! Slather it on, but try not to lick it off!
If you've been with us long, you already know the incredible benefits of using the right kind of fat for your skin i.e.tallow (if you're new here, welcome! Go check out the "WHY TALLOW" tab!), so now lets talk about marshmallow root! The marshmallow plant has been used in herbal medicine for centuries, and is native to Northern Africa and Eastern Europe, and grows throughout North America, Marshmallow root has been cherished in skincare for just as long, providing instant hydration, while it continuously works to improve the skin's ability to retain moisture, and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits. It also contains a naturally occuring botanical form of hyaluronic acid that can firm the skin and increase moisture levels. This comes from a thick, gum-like substance called mucilage within the root.
Just as much thought went into the look of fat marshmallow as it did into the ingredients and formulation. Retro food packaging is a design DREAM & the marshmallow fluff jars are iconic AF. If you knew Vellum St founder and former chef Melissa Torre in the Cookie Confidential days, you know her cupcake line, Undercover Cupcake, came exclusively in jelly jars with red lids, with a fluffy cream cheese frosting piped in thick layers above, below & in between the cakes. fat marshmallow is a nod in part to those two tasty treats, but done Vellum style, for your skin!

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